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LNB Solutions is committed to improving customer experiences across the board by implementing technology solutions to increase overall efficiency and productivity. We transform businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and other organizations using our Salesforce expertise.

ERP Tech Solutions

Case Management

  • Case management is a major tool we can offer within the Health and Human Services sector. Case management within the Platform offers a complete view of the client to include all extensions and details surrounding their case. All data is documented and compiled into one central, accessible location for each case, making it easier and faster to offer more comprehensive and complete services to them.
  • Finance

  • With the Health & Human Services platform and the Social Services ERP tool and the platform, organizations can centralize all of their work, data, processes, and interaction. The platform is secure and FedRAMP approved, meaning your financial security is of the utmost importance.
  • Administration

  • The design of the platform focuses on efficient and intuitive design, meaning all processes unique to your agency become more manageable or even automated, easing employee workloads and increasing productivity and workflows. Within the design, the client is central as they become the focal point for casework and management.
  • Customer Service

  • Social Services ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System options offered by LNB Solutions are designed to be of benefit to the end-user. The ongoing client experience from start to finish is made seamless using a single, intuitive platform.
  • Partnership

    At LNB Solutions, you gain a partnership.  An advisor to assist you in solving problems – by providing you with integrated solutions focusing on the financial and operational impacts. We provide world-class quality that is consistent and applies industry best practices. 

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    Our team is committed to finding you the solution you need by implementing technology solutions. Founded in 2010 by CEO, Linda Brown, we have been creating solutions for numerous organizations since then.

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